In addition to displaying, preserving, and expanding its collection, the MV seeks to program activities on its own and in collaboration with other institutions.   Programming is an important way for the MV to move beyond the virtual realm.  Site specific activities are a way for the MV to forge a network of institutions and individuals who are interested in this subject.



The Museum of the Victim Sessions at Mandragoras Art Space, Long Island City, Queens, New York (2014)

A series of performances, lectures, panels, and film screenings that reflect on the relationship between the concept of the victim and the performance as an art practice.


Music and Victim, LA, USA (April-May 2013)

Presented at Dark Space (LA, USA). Program of conferences and panels around the topic of music and victim.

Victim and History of Film, Buenos Aires, Argentina (February-June 2011.)

Program of film screenings presented at UGHL Art Space  (Argentina.)

Public Interview with Spanish philosopher Gustavo Bueno, Oviedo, Spain (December, 2009.)

Presented at Club de Prensa de Asturias (Spain.).  In collaboration with the Gustavo Bueno Foundation. The LAB department’s first collaboration was with the Gustavo Bueno foundation (Oviedo, Spain) in the form of an extended public interview with philosopher Gustavo Bueno. The interview resulted in an essay, by Bueno, published in late 2009.

The essay, in Spanish, is accessible at: 

Tour of the Victim, city of Cagliari, Italy (June, 2008) 

A guided bus tour of the Sardinian city, Cagliari.  The tour, open to the public, visited locations with relevence to the history of the victim. In collaboration with Art Museum of Nuoro.

First F0rum of the Victim. Ciudad Juárez, México (May,2007)

Panel discussion at the Unversity of Juárez concerning role of the victim in modern Ciudad Juárez from the prespective of four presenters. In collaboration with Palacio Negro and Proyecto Juárez.

Publicity campaign (April-May 20007)

Publicity campaign to present the Museum of the Victim Project to the city of Juárez. In collaboration with Palacio Negro and Proyecto Juárez.