This department of the MV is tasked with exploring and developing concepts relating to the museum’s main focus – the Victim .  The LAB is a place for sharing technical knowledge as well as collaboration for the museum’s development.

The MV seeks to utilize information and research from a variety of disciplines in order to gain a deeper understanding the this complex concept.  This is the area where such data is explored, refined, and, if deemed appropriate, ultimately included into the exhibition space.

The LAB is also a collaborative space aimed at developing programming for the MV.  The space will be utilized as an environment in which the MV staff and contributors can work together to develop a sophisticated, highly accessible virtual exhibition space.



The MV is planning a contest to see who can develop the best logo for the museum.  The logo should establish a clear visual identity for the MV and help to promote participation and collaboration and reflect on the victim from a purely visual prospective.



The LAB department’s first collaboration was with the Gustavo Bueno foundation (Oviedo, Spain) in the form of an extended public interview with philosopher Gustavo Bueno.  The interview resulted in an essay, by Bueno, published in late 2009.  The essay, in Spanish, is accessible at: